Refund Policy

Digital products which include information products, online video tutorials, ebooks, courses, online webinars and so on can have a refund in the following cases:

- Digital product is not delivered within 7 days of payment
- The digital product is misrepresented in marketing and doesn’t have the content as mentioned in marketing and sales materials

We accept to give a 100% refund on lack of satisfaction subject to the following terms:

1. The customer/student should have consumed at least 30% of the digital product. If there are valid reasons for lack of satisfaction, a refund will be issued after a review.

2. Refunds will not be issued after a customer purchases a digital product and wants to immediately get a refund stating vague reasons like:
(a) Purchased somewhere else
(b) Not satisfied with the product (without consuming the product)

If you have any questions or want amendments to this policy, please email us at [email protected]